The royal treatment at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

A king, a queen, a princess, or a prince…whichever one you wish to fantasize yourself as, there’s no denying that most people would love to be treated like royalty. Who wouldn’t want to live a life of complete luxury and perpetual pampering, right? It’s too bad we ordinary folk have no crowns or thrones to claim in our name, but you can drop by the Princess Hazel Salon & Spa whenever you feel like escaping into a royal fantasy for at least a couple of hours!

I’ve heard a lot about this place for some time already, and every now and then I’d come across a fellow blogger’s post about their own experience there. Despite the glowing reviews I read, I was still not sure if it was simply worth the trip. You see, the venue is quite far from where I live. But when I was contacted by Vannah, the same lovely lady who invited me to the Beauty Scents outlet store opening (you can read my post about that here), and asked to try out their services, I jumped at the chance. With a girl friend of mine in tow, and one train ride and taxi trip later, we finally arrived…


This the first thing that greets you upon entering Pacific Century Tower in QC where the salon-spa is located. Not going to lie, I was a wee bit excited as I love anything royalty themed!


We’re here! I’m already liking the gold and purple color scheme. They’re the two colors that truly signify royalty after all.



True to its name, the entire place is decked out like the inside of a mini, fantasy castle. There’s a touch of elegance and royalty in every corner, and they even have spare crowns laying around if you want to play a little dress-up while waiting for your appointment. It’s certainly a visual treat compared to other salons.


The lounge is not just a place to sit pretty and wait because you can also spend some time browsing through the variety of accessories and hair extensions they sell. I find the accessories are a little pricey though.


A close-up of just some of the items they sell. They have almost everything from wallets, to jewelry, to hair clips.


Next to the reception desk, you can purchase shampoos and conditioners, lotions (Princess Hazel has their own brand of skin lightening lotion), as well as pharmaceutical drugs that promise to improve and lighten your complexion.



After you pass the lounge, you’ll enter the most talked about area of the salon, and it’s not hard to see why others were going a little gaga over it. The entire set up is just lovely, and most deserving of a royal seal of approval! You can tell they paid attention to every detail to make sure it all lives up to their theme of luxury and royalty. I mean, how beautiful are those chairs? Oh, sorry. I mean, thrones! They’re super comfy too, as any proper throne should be. This area is where all hand and feet services are done.


Picture courtesy of Genzel from

There’s a full selection of nail art on display for you to choose from should you avail of the service.



Don’t you just love these cute slogans? I agree with both! The staff told us you can also borrow them to take pictures with.


Picture courtesy of Genzel from

Connected to the ‘throne room’ as I like to call it, is another room where all the facial services are done. It’s small and everything is quite literally crammed inside, but it’s just enough to fit one customer, the technician who’ll carry out the facial, and all the equipment and such needed.

Despite it being a small venue, the salon actually has a second floor. This is where their waxing, massage, and RF (radio frequency) treatment rooms are. I didn’t have any waxing, massage, or RF services done though, and I wasn’t sure how much time we’d have left once we were finished (we wanted to get home before rush hour started), so I didn’t get the chance to go upstairs. Maybe next time!



This is the hair and makeup room, also connected to the throne room. I like how the mostly black and dark brown interior is a contrast to the majority of the salon. It looks quite modern and chic to me! It can comfortably fit 2-3 customers at a time.

I had my hair spa treatment in here. It wasn’t explained very clearly by the attendant what they’d be using, but after washing my hair, he applied a particular L’Oreal hair cream on me. Whatever it was, it had menthol in it and it was really cooling and refreshing on the scalp. A much needed relief from the heat we faced earlier trying to get to the venue. They left the cream on my hair for about twenty minutes then rinsed it off. Because of the menthol, it felt like he was rinsing my hair with ice cold water. But as someone who prefers washing my hair in cold water anyway, I liked it!



I was also treated to a hand and foot paraffin. This involves completely dipping and coating both your hands and feet in warm or hot wax. Traditionally paraffin treatments were to help with muscle pains and aching joints, but when it comes to salons, they’re used to make the skin softer and smoother.

This is the first time I ever had a paraffin treatment and honestly, it might be my last. I knew the wax was going to be a little hot, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be scalding hot! You know that painful feeling when hot wax from a candle drips onto you? Imagine that, but all over your hands and feet! I was actually wincing and squirming in my seat the entire time, and I had to hold my breath, shut my eyes, and suck it up whenever they instructed me to dip into the wax and when they started coating my hands and feet using a brush. I have low pain tolerance though, so maybe it was a factor. My friend also got the same treatment and she said she didn’t mind the heat at all! Once you’re sufficiently coated in the wax, and as it starts to cool and harden, they wrap your hands and feet in cellophane and slip on these pink gloves and socks. They look like the ones newborn babies use, haha. I think they removed it after about 10-15 minutes. It was a little satisfying to watch the wax being peeled off along with the cellophane. True enough, my hands and feet did feel smoother and more supple afterwards so all the pain wasn’t tolerated for nothing!


Because I was still having my hair blow-dried after the spa treatment, the paraffin was done in the hair and makeup room instead of the throne room, as well as the start of my manicure and pedicure. I was a little disappointed, only because I wish I could have had both done in the throne room instead. I wanted to relax on a throne while getting pampered, not a typical salon chair. Oh well!

Overall they did a pretty good job at cleaning, trimming, and shaping my nails. I think the lady on the left was a bit too overzealous when doing my manicure though because there was a small wound left on one of my fingers, around the cuticle area, when she was done. The final step of my pedicure, aka the polish, was thankfully done in the throne room! I opted for no polish on my finger nails that day. The application though was also something I found a bit disappointing as it wasn’t entirely neat. There were traces of polish still left on the side of some my nails, and a couple of my toes weren’t completely done either. I certainly have had better pedis done at other salons, but at least I got to relax on a throne now! Plus, they have a good selection of polishes to choose from that included brands like ORLY and Zoya.


Sorry, I couldn’t help but finally play dress-up for a bit before leaving! Especially since my hair was looking super soft and shiny after my spa treatment.


I had a great time at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa! Despite my could-be-a-little-better manicure and pedicure experience, I really enjoyed and loved the results of my hair spa and paraffin treatment. The staff were also very friendly and accommodating. I’m sure I don’t need to say more about the venue itself as even now I’m still in love with the royal-themed aesthetics, but I do like how everything was very clean and well-maintained too. After browsing their menu, I also have to say that their services are very competitively priced and most of them are affordable, so you most likely won’t be breaking the bank if you choose to be a princess for the day. I’m already itching to return and try out their other services, particularly their radio frequency treatments and massages!

A big thank you to both Vannah and Hazel Uy (the owner) for letting me try out Princess Hazel Salon & Spa!

For a list of all their services/treatments and prices, please refer below (click to enlarge):



Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Address: Unit 203, 1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone/mobile: (+ 63 2) 294-5819 or +63 916-559-5222
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday (10am – 9pm)

Instagram: @ilovehairph


8 thoughts on “The royal treatment at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

  1. I thought you had your hair done! I was invited to try this place out but since I’m generally not a nail person I wanted to know how their hair services are and I wanted to hear it from you because I trust your reviews! :D

    • Thanks, Rowena! That means a lot coming from you :) I’d recommend their hair services over their nail services, based on my experience. They did a great job with my hair and I really liked the treatment they used on me. Genzel said she liked their RF treatments too, so that’s what I’m going to go back for!

  2. I’ve tried their manicure and pedicure and it was great. At the time that we went though there was a pictorial going on so we didn’t get to try the chairs which was a bit disappointing as that was supposed to be a big part of the experience. Their services are a bit pricey, too. I did love my nails though :)

    • Good to hear you had a better experience with their mani-pedi service! Maybe the ladies who did mine were still sleepy since we were their first clients for the day, haha.

  3. You and your friend got a royal treatment indeed! I was not able to go ahead with my planned visit because I had an issue with the guard at the parking area huhu


  4. A few months back I was invited to try them out but haven’t fixed my schedule yet. Now this post makes me want to fix my schedule ASAP! Every girl deserves a royal treatment, indeed, and this one looks like it will give you that and transform you pa into a beautiful princess. :D

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