Review: MAC True Love’s Kiss

Everyone loves a good villain. As much as a part of me will always yearn to be a Disney princess, another greater side of me is fascinated by the infamous villains that Disney has had over the decades. The wicked Maleficent is arguably one of the most popular of these villains as well as my personal favorite. In fact, she’s the only villain that has had a film of her own, brought to life wonderfully of course by Angelina Jolie herself. I don’t necessarily agree with how they portrayed her in the film (I prefer my Maleficent dark and heartless, not forgiving and emotional), but that’s a tale for another time!

When I heard a few months ago or so that MAC was releasing a Maleficent collection inspired by the film, I could barely contain myself. On the day it was released, I actually stood outside the mall an hour before it even opened to make sure I could get first dibs on what I wanted from it! One of the items I picked was the only lipstick part of the collection in the shade “True Love’s Kiss”.


MAC kept it quite simple with this collection concerning the packaging and the lipstick tube looks very similar to their regular lipsticks, save for the lacquer appearance and the Maleficent logo accompanied with Maleficent’s wings in the background. I’m always pleased when they come up with a new packaging design for their limited edition products because I find it a little pointless to sell them in their regular packaging, which MAC does on occasion. The product doesn’t look unique and collecting them doesn’t feel as thrilling. I want it to stand out from the rest of the items in my makeup collection. They’re limited edition for a reason, right?



Swatches: natural light, with flash, artificial light

True Love’s Kiss is described as a “clean bright red [with an Amplified finish].” One of the things I love best about this lipstick is that it’s a lot more moisturizing compared to some of the MAC lipsticks I’ve tried before that also had the same kind of (Amplified) finish. Of course I still need to make sure I slather on some lip balm before applying this, but I find my lips don’t need to be as thoroughly exfoliated in order to wear this compared to some of my other MAC lipsticks because it doesn’t really emphasize any dry patches. It may do so for flakes if your lips are really that dry, but all you need to do is buff them away, balm up, and apply.

The shade itself is pretty much like a classic red. Compared to the likes of MAC’s well-known Russian Red, it’s a little lighter and Russian Red is bluer-based. It’s really pigmented as proven by the above swatches which are only just one swipe from the lipstick.


Wear time of this lipstick is good at about 4-6 hours on average and it leaves an even stain as it starts to fade which I like. At least I don’t have to immediately touch up because we all know some lipsticks look really funky on the lips once they begin to fade. It fades from the center outwards too, making touching up easier. When it comes to red lipsticks I normally use a lip pencil first underneath and to outline my lips, but I don’t need to do that with this one since it’s already long-lasting and best of all, it doesn’t bleed or feather! Compared to a lot of other red lipsticks, I can relax while wearing this one and don’t constantly have to check if the color has started straying anywhere else other than on my lips. Even when it’s mostly gone, I can see my lips are still tinted a visible red.

Shortly after this collection was launched, I had read various comments from people wondering whether they should splurge on this or find a dupe, specifically if one could be found from MAC’s permanent collection. Some pointed out that it wasn’t exactly a “stand out kind of red” anyway. I can sort of agree with that, but at the same time, you can never, ever go wrong with red. As long as it suits your undertone, of course. I feel the same way about reds as I do about nude and pink shades: there’s no such thing as having too many. That’s just my honest opinion. Anyway, I feel the formula of the lipstick itself is really what you’re paying for here since it goes on so nicely, doesn’t bleed or feather, and lasts for hours. Plus, if you’re a fan of Disney villains, the film, Angelina Jolie (since this is supposedly the lipstick she used as Maleficent), or all of the above then this lipstick is definitely worth splurging on.


  • Long-lasting formula (4-6 hours on average)
  • Doesn’t really emphasize any dry areas on the lips
  • Highly pigmented
  • Glides on smoothly when applying
  • Stains the lips a little
  • Doesn’t bleed or feather
  • Comes in limited-edition packaging


  • I know they wanted to emphasize the theme of red lips, what with Aurora supposed to have “lips that shame the red, red rose” and Maleficent’s character sporting bold, red lips, but I wish they had more than one lipstick as part of the collection. For the sake of variety, really. I also know some people don’t really prefer or steer away from wearing red and the only lip product part of this collection features a red shade. MAC could have easily slipped in a lipstick with a nude or pink-ish nude shade. After all, Elle Fanning who played Aurora in the film wore very natural-looking makeup. A nude type of shade could have been inspired by her character.

Price: PHP1,100.00, Purchased from: MAC (Power Plant)


22 thoughts on “Review: MAC True Love’s Kiss

  1. What a beautiful shade *_* Although I understand your comment, that you wished there were more shades available in this range :)

    • If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually very rare for MAC to release just one lipstick in a collection. I don’t even remember the last time they did it. It’s usually a minimum of 2 or 3 lipsticks for popular collections like these.

  2. You’re totally right with the lack of variety, but still it’s a lovely shade of red! I’m just scared of red that aren’t matte because I imagine my hair moving it and spreading it across my face idk irrational fears man haha

  3. Love the color but they’ve been releasing a lot of red shades lately (like the Marilyn Monroe collection) and they’re becoming a lot more similar to each other. This shade looks good on you though ^_^

    • That’s exactly the reason why I bought it, haha. Honestly if it wasn’t for the film I’d probably have gotten something else in the collection instead.

  4. Red is very tricky to apply! I’m always kind of afraid of red lipstick, but it looks great on you! I’ve always stayed away from MAC lippies because they dry out my lips but this seems promising. I agree, they should have come out with a more natural shade because I’m not inclined to buy red. :/

    • I agree! Even until now I still have to really take my time whenever I’m applying anything that’s pigmented and red to my lips. Try their cremesheen variants. I have dry lips and they don’t dry mine out!

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