Candy Doll Lip Stick in “Ramune Pink” and “Pink Grapefruit”

If you love Japanese beauty products as much as I do, then you’re more than likely familiar with the brand Candy Doll that was started by the very popular Japanese gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka (definition of ‘gyaru’ here). A lot of young women look up to her as a style icon, so you can imagine how just as popular her makeup brand is, especially amongst those who follow or are part of the gyaru sub-culture lifestyle.

I’ve never tried anything yet from Candy Doll prior to my last trip to Japan, but I was already familiar with her other brand, Dolly Wink, since I ordered one of the eyeliners from it years ago. So when I was in Shibuya 109, I grabbed a whole bunch of Candy Doll items, including these Candy Doll Lip Sticks in the shades “Ramune Pink” and “Pink Grapefruit“.



The outer packaging of the lipsticks is expectedly cute and girly, almost whimsical. Of course mostly everything is in Japanese, so unfortunately I can’t give you any official product info aside from the shade names which are written in the front.

I like how they also show the lip swatches using Tsubasa’s lips. I’ll admit that seeing how they looked on her immediately made me want these two particular shades most, even if I know product photos of swatches are hardly the most accurate thanks to all the editing involved.


The housing of the lipstick itself, made of durable plastic, is quite simple but still very elegant looking in appearance. The gold illustrations don’t seem the type to rub or fade off easily too. They haven’t so far for me and it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve had them.

Now, more product photos and swatches…


Pink Grapefruit


Ramune Pink


Pink Grapefruit: natural light, artificial light, with flash


Ramune Pink: natural light, artificial light, with flash


Pink Grapefruit


Ramune Pink

Both lipsticks are very creamy in texture. They pretty much just glide right on when you apply them. But the lovely texture does come with a price since they can very easily settle into the lines of your lips like they do with me, especially since they’re such light colors. The fact that they’ve settled into the lines is more obvious once they’ve been on your lips a while too, especially with Pink Grapefruit. With Ramune Pink, not so much. That is, of course, until I smile and my lips stretch and you can see where they’ve sunk in. Ick! Not a good look. I’m sure a good lip primer will do wonders though! I have yet to try these lipsticks with one. These lippies also require a thorough buffing and exfoliating session before you can wear them too because they’ll highlight every tiny little flake or dry spot on your lips like crazy! Thankfully they’re not drying in the slightest once you have them on.

Wear time for both is nothing special and they’re just like regular ol’ lipsticks. For me, they can more or less survive some light drinking and snacking and they’ll just fade a little after. So far not enough that I felt I needed to immediately touch up or anything. If you plan to be eating anything heavier, like a proper meal, don’t expect these to last. Especially if you’ll be eating anything fried or oily as we all know how quickly oily foods just love to melt pretty much any kind and type of lipstick we have on! I’m not a fan of how this disappears on the lips though. It kind of fades from the center, but in an almost patchy manner. It almost always happens on just my bottom lip too so it eventually ends up looking like my lips are two different colors, with one being unevenly colored at the same time. You can bet I instantly feel like retouching the lipstick then! I’d much prefer it just disappears completely instead.

Aside from all that, I really do love the shades I chose. They’re both perfect for everyday looks and I find they compliment my skin tone nicely. Very light pink or nude lipsticks are still a must for a lot of trendy, Japanese girls, especially those that identify as gyaru (just Google Image “gyaru” and you’ll see what I mean), so this is actually inspiring me to do a post where I recreate a common look that I saw with a lot of girls in Japan which basically involves a strong or bold cheek color and light lips. What do you guys think? I’ll definitely try to get around to doing that asap if you want to see it! Let me know, won’t you? x

Price: ¥1,260.00
Purchased from: Shibuya 109 (Tokyo, Japan)


65 thoughts on “Candy Doll Lip Stick in “Ramune Pink” and “Pink Grapefruit”

    • If I’m remembering correctly, these are the only two pinky shades in the collection so it wasn’t a tough decision to make in the end. Haha!

  1. Both shades are wonderful partnered with smokey eyes, me thinks, but i like pink grapefruit more. Based on your swatches its a warm pink that can pass as mlbbm pretty :)

    • Out of the two, Pink Grapefruit is more of a MLBB shade for sure. You’re right that both are great for either a light, neutral or smokey eye too!

  2. Oh my Lord!!! How on earth I can get my hands on these pretty picks?? Both the colors are extremely gorgeous and looks so pretty on you <3 You've got a beautiful lips xxx

  3. O M G!! That Pink Grapefruit looks stunning! I love how moist-looking and super pretty in pink this is. I don’t think I’ve seen Candy Doll here yet but will see if I can get a hold of it here. xx Donah giglove

    • They look more different under the same lighting with Pink Grapefruit being a little brighter. I just blame the shifting light levels coming through my window making them look too similar!

    • In Japan they’re relatively affordable, but sadly everywhere else they seem to raise the price to the point that you have to think about whether you really want it or not.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I find the lighter the lipstick, the more moisturizing and exfoliating my lips need. It’s extra work, but it’s worth it in the end!

    • I didn’t see any when I was in Hong Kong, but then again I could have easily overlooked it or just didn’t see it at the places I went to. Hopefully you can! :)

    • You can always check eBay or Amazon. I’ve seen them being sold there. Hopefully you can find an authentic one if you’ll be using eBay!

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