Review: Origins Out Of Trouble mask

“Problem skin” is definitely what describes my skin best. If I’m not being plagued by acne, then I worry and fret over my unsightly sebaceous filaments, uneven skin tone, and dark spots (most of them being post-acne marks). There was a period in my life when my skin was at its prime, meaning it was mostly clear and all I had to do was deal with the occasional zit, but alas, that time has come and gone. So now I make do, continuously testing out various acne treatments and trying to keep my face as clean and moisturized as possible all the time and allowing my skin to breathe every now and then throughout the week by not wearing makeup.

But of course, I still end up with multiple breakouts quite a bit and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to cover up angry looking zits, especially if they’re in numbers! That’s why I decided to get Origins’ Out Of Trouble mask after reading a lot of reviews on it really helping to calm down those red, angry blemishes and how it makes skin just feel so much better after.


Product description:
When skin is too-slick, or when more pressing problems start to pop up, it’s Origins to the rescue to keep skin out of trouble. Nature’s trouble-shooters, including super-absorbent Zinc Oxide and Sulfur, calming Camphor plus skin-sloughing, rapidly respond to problem skin’s plight with a three-part plan – sop up oily-shine, slough off sticky, dead cells, and sweep away irksome debris. Together they steer skin clear of slippery situations, refine rough texture and pull the plug on troublemakers to oust potential outbursts.

Origins Out of Trouble® is best for oily and combination skin.


I like the simple and clean design of all of Origins’ products and this one is no exception. I’m also glad this comes in a convenient squeeze tube. I prefer my masks in squeeze tubes, sachets, and the like actually because it makes it easier to bring along with me so I can still pamper myself when I travel.

You get about 3.4 fl. oz of product which should last you quite a while, but how quickly it’s consumed obviously depends on how often you use the mask and how much you use each time. Speaking of which, a recommendation on how often you should use the mask is surprisingly not given, so I guess it’s really up to you to determine when you feel like you need it or not. I, personally, use it just once a week. Twice at most. I think to use this everyday, like with most face masks, is excessive and will most likely do more harm than good to your skin. Since this is supposed to help remove or control excess shine, chances are you might dry out your skin if you use it too much.



The consistency of the mask is thick, but it’s not difficult at all to apply and spread. What I’ve seen a lot of people complain about is the scent. Some have even stopped using the mask altogether because of it. It has this distinct medicinal smell to it that’s also partly herbal in a way. One reviewer on Sephora wrote the smell reminds her of Vicks Vaporub and it sort of does, but to be honest, I don’t mind the smell at all. Yes, it’s a little strong at first, but once you apply it on your face you don’t notice it that much anymore and it fades somewhat after a while.

Origins says to leave this on for ten minutes, but to make doubly sure it does the job I leave it on for twenty. So far I haven’t experienced any negative effects from doing that. When time is up, use a damp washcloth to remove it. You can try rinsing it off, but that’ll just take forever. Using a washcloth is much easier and quicker, just make sure to use a gentle one!

Immediately after I feel like my skin is cleaner and instantaneously refreshed. As if I hit reset button for my skin after a whole week. Does it calm down angry looking zits? Well, that depends. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I guess it depends on the stage of the acne and just how persistent they are. On occasion though I do notice some zits, particularly the smaller ones, appear less inflamed the next day after using the mask. For some reason I was expecting this to help control oil, but when I re-read the description I think they only meant it would soak up any present oil you have just prior to using the mask. The fact that my skin feels a little smoother after immediately using the mask too most likely means it really is ‘sloughing off sticky, dead cells’. So in summary, I do quite like this mask . I wish it helped consistently calm down my inflamed blemishes like it seems to do for other people who use it, but I’m not complaining here. The mask overall is a good way for me to de-stress my skin by the end of every week, and I really feel like it does the job of giving my skin that extra cleansing boost which is always a major plus for me. Will I re-purchase? If there was an Origins locally, I might do. But I don’t know if I’ll go through the trouble of ordering it online just yet because I feel there are other masks for me to try that will possibly work a little better for me. As of right now I’m road testing another mask which I’m already starting to like more, haha.

– The travel-friendly and convenient squeeze tube packaging.
– Simple and clean looking design.
– Easy to apply and spread.
– Makes my skin feel both refreshed and cleaner after using.
– Calms down smaller, inflamed acne.

– I, personally, don’t mind the smell of the product but others may not like it. Especially if you’re sensitive to or really dislike scents that are medicinal or herbal-like.

Price: $250HKD
Purchased from: Origins (Harbour City, Hong Kong)


44 thoughts on “Review: Origins Out Of Trouble mask

    • This is the first Origins product I ever tried and I’m glad I had a good experience with it. It definitely makes me want to try more from the brand.

    • I don’t love the smell of Vicks, but I don’t mind it either! I definitely use a lot of it whenever I have a really bad cold or cough.

  1. aah thank you so much for mentioning the scent. would you happen to know if their ginzing eye cream have the same medicinal scent? im thinking of ordering it sometime. i bought some lush products awhile go that i ended up not using cause it had some herbal scent. it gets me dizzy lol

    • Unfortunately I haven’t tried anything else from Origins except this mask. But I did a little googling with the eye cream and I’ve been reading that it has a nice, citrus scent to it :)

    • The EyeZing doesn’t have that scent. It’s not really fragranced at all. It is very cooling and is slightly pink to combat eye circles. If you can get a sample, do that before buying because it lasts so long. The sample is basically full sized.

  2. Thank you truly for sharing this. It sounds like your skin and mine might be sisters! I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. People often say, ‘oh there is no way you have bad skin!’ but trust me, I am just very handy with makeup :)

    Acne, scarring, redness and veins… it drives me CRAZY. I will most definitely be on the lookout for this mask to try it out. I am always excited to add products that work well for my problem skin xx

    • I get the same comments from other people too! When I complain about my acne problems, they give me the most confused look ever and promptly ask “What acne?” Of course I then have to give my usual response which is “That’s the power of makeup!” Haha.

      I hope you get the chance to try this out and that you like it also!

      • At the moment I’m experimenting with a milk/lactose free diet, I suspect it may be the underlying cause of my rash-like break outs. So far it seems to be working, which is good, but the down side is it makes it difficult to enjoy my beloved coffee lol!! I think my skin is so tired of acne treatments that it’s just hit a point where nothing works anymore. Trying to treat it internally (diet etc) seems to be ok :)

    • If it were locally available, I’m sure it would be expensive here too. But I’d be lying if I said I still wouldn’t purchase from them because I want to try all their products!

  3. This mask sounds great, though I have tried other Origins products…and even though they were super good… the smell was not good at all! :S


  4. Sometimes I have my days of troubled skin too. On those days, I use the Etude House AC Clinic foaming facial wash. I’ve been using it for over four yrs already. Ait’s a bit intense for every day use. I would recommend, if you’d try it, to only use it on days when you need extra casre–and maybe once twice a week for prevention :)

  5. Origins is a good brand, have heard so many good things about them and I definitely not fuzz with medicinal or herbal like scents, in fact I prefer them than overly sweet or fruity scented products. I know the feeling of having to deal with problem skin, mine was worst during the winter time but luckily now things are looking better. Have you tried OST serum or Skin&Lab C Plus Brightening? This really helped me get through my acne breakouts last year.


  6. i love origin too,,but this seem like not the perfect mask..i developed few zits lately n looking for quick solution…not sure why i hv so many pimple lately maybe not sufficient sleep or because I jus change my skin care(pore refining range) mmmppphhh or it is it’s too hot and im using sunblock more often lately!!

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