Review: “Ariel” Blotting Paper

When I was in Japan last year and I visited two of the Disney stores I could find in Tokyo, the one in Shibuya and the one in Shinjuku, I was expecting to pick up the usual things like cute accessories and phone cases. What I didn’t expect were beauty items! Yup, Japanese Disney stores now have lip gloss, face masks, point pads, blotting paper, and more. At the very least, I don’t recall ever seeing them the other time I was there four years ago. Combining Disney and beauty products meant I absolutely couldn’t resist grabbing a few things, and one of them is this Ariel blotting paper!


To be honest, before writing this review, I wasn’t sure what to call this item. I know it’s blotting paper, but it doesn’t have an official product name, if you get what I mean, on the packaging itself. But I checked the Japanese Disney store website and it’s labeled as “あぶらとり紙(ソープバブルスの香り)アリエル” which Google Translate tells me means “Blotting Paper (Soap Bubbles) – Ariel”. So, I decided “‘Ariel’ Blotting Paper” would be best.

Ariel has been my favorite Disney princess since I was a little girl, so of course this is the variant I chose! They have packs featuring other Disney characters too, like Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Chip & Dale. Each character’s pack has different scented blotting sheets. Ariel’s is of course soap bubbles! Appropriate, don’t you think? I bought the Minnie Mouse one for a friend and it had a strawberry scent to it.


Is this not the cutest and most glamorous looking blotting paper packaging? It even comes with a mirror! And yes, that is a 3D Ariel pop-up too. Japan never fails to amaze me with how they present their beauty products. I wish I could re-fill this with other blotting sheets once I run out so that I can use it over and over!


The blotting sheets themselves are semi-transparent and are 100 x 70MM in size, so they’re actually a little big. I like big blotting sheets though because it usually means you have to use less of them each time and I can get away with just using one of these whenever I need to get rid of any shine on my t-zone. I mentioned it’s scented and it really does smell like soap! The scent isn’t that strong unless you really take a whiff, but for those of you who are sensitive to fragrance still might not like this too much.

The sheets do a fairly good job at getting rid of shine. They’re just like a standard pack of blotting sheets, really, so what you’re mostly paying for is the gorgeous packaging. These are very affordable though, at least in Japan. For a more universal reference, they’re about $5. Over here it would be priced at almost PHP250.00, which is really expensive for blotting paper, especially since good ones are already less than PHP100.00. But where else can you find blotting paper this cute, right? For me, it’s just a fun and unique thing to have, especially if you’re a Disney fanatic like me.

– Adorable packaging with a 3D pop-up feature inside.
– It smells like soap.
– A mirror is included.
– The blotting sheets are quite big.

– It’s a little bit ‘bulkier’ compared to standard blotting sheet packs because of the pop-up design inside, but the difference is very minimal.

Price: ¥525.00
Purchased from: Disney Store (Shibuya, Tokyo)


28 thoughts on “Review: “Ariel” Blotting Paper

    • I didn’t see them in the Disney store in the HK airport myself and I was just there last year. I think these are only exclusive to the Japan ones.

  1. I love Ariel too. I even have “Part of your World” in my playlist. Hahaha! This blotting paper has a really cute packaging. I bet it’s the tweens who would, most likely, be hooked to such. :D

    • I do too! In fact, I have a lot of Disney songs in my iTunes. No shame! Haha. I agree, younger girls would definitely love this too and they’d probably even collect them all at once.

    • It does sort of seem like that, and for PHP250 you’d expect to keep it around longer, right? But this is a novelty item after all so it was still money well spent for me, especially since it’s so unique :)

  2. This is so cute! :) But I find it expensive for its price sincr it’s not refillable. But I couldnt blame you, I would sure buy one too because of its cuteness and uniqueness! :)

    • I’m guessing they don’t sell refills since this is already affordable in Japan and anyone there can easily just buy a new pack. But yes, you nailed down the reasons why I bought it anyway!

    • Japan can take any product and make it LOOK amazing because of the packaging alone. That’s why it’s so tempting to buy just about everything there!

  3. That’s cute! And I agree, makes a good collectible.

    I am cautious in trying products though with text I don’t understand :D I missed that when we went to Disneyland in Hong Kong :D

    • I can understand why some people would be hesitant concerning product info they can’t understand, but since this was the Disney store where a lot of kids shop, I figured all their products would be safe to use :)

  4. I have a collection of Little Mermaid Stuff. :) I hope this one is available in the Philippines so I can add something to my collection. I’ll probably buy 2. 1 for Collection and the other one for personal use. I’m so happy to see this post today! :D

    • That’s a good idea to buy 2! If I had a collection also I’d do the same. Unfortunately I think this only available in Japanese Disney stores.

    • I didn’t use it at all for at least a couple of weeks after getting it, haha. But I started to once my current blotting paper ran out since I also didn’t want this to just gather dust in my room!

  5. ooo shes my fave disney princess too!! good pick good pick :) i was so sad when i missed my chance to buy the ariel theme sephora pocket mirror, have you seen it? it is SO BEAUTIFUL :) it was limited edition i hope they will resell it this year.

    • I did see it! I regret not getting it too when I could have have it shipped to a relative in the US so they could in turn ship it to me. Fingers crossed I can still find some for sale on eBay or that yes, Sephore re-sells it again!

  6. The cutest blotting paper I’ve seen so far! <3 First time to see one with a mirror! :) If this is mine, I will think twice if I will use it or just store so I can have it forever lol. I wish we have this here as well.

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