Review: Benefit Cosmetics “Rockateur”

What’s one makeup item you can’t leave the house with? I’ll admit, I need a small array of products before I consider myself ready enough to face the outside world, but one of those products I most definitely need is blush. Since I have quite fair skin, it can easily look dull and lifeless once I apply my base makeup. Blush is an instant perk-me-up for my complexion! It gives it that much needed pop of color and just completes my overall look.

I heard about Benefit’s Rockateur late last year, it was released locally in October, and I noticed everyone seemed to be going gaga over it! I’ve always been a fan of Benefit’s boxed blushes and bronzers so I was super excited to try it out for myself. Luckily, I won this very blush from a Benefit event! Score!


Product description:
Pick up the beat with a rush of heat! This rockin’ rose gold cheek powder gives a famously provocative flush that turns heads on-stage and off. The crowd will go wild for its sexy faceted design, accented in luxe gold. For an encore, the custom angled, dimensional brush gives rich, show-stopping payoff every time.

Black and pink is one of my favorite color combinations which made the packaging irresistible to me. Plus I love the printed lace and snake skin detail! The overall look really screams ‘rock chic’.


Like with some of Benefit’s blushes, an attached mirror comes in the box. I find it too small to be of any practical use when I’m applying the blush though. But still, it’s an added convenience in case you don’t have a mirror handy and really need one.


Speaking of the blush, I like how soft its bristles are. It’s a good quality brush, for sure. I just don’t use it because it’s much too thin in dimension for me to blend seamlessly with it. You can use it to sweep the color on your cheeks, definitely, but the way I apply blush involves tapping the color onto my cheeks then blending out. I guess whether you like or dislike the brush really just depends on your choice of application!




How gorgeous is this blush? The first time I opened it I swear I didn’t want to use it right away because I didn’t want to ruin it. I’m in love with the embossed lettering and 3D design. Yes, most of the blush isn’t actually “flat”. If you run your finger across it you’ll feel the angled bumps and ridges from the design. Oh, and I know it looks really light, almost like a highlighter, but it’s a darker pink in real life (like this). Just blame the really white lighting of my light box! You’ll see it’s more true to life color with the swatches in a bit.

I was a little hesitant at first when I saw how shimmery this blush was. I sometimes avoid glittery or shimmery blushes because they have the tendency to make the pores on my cheeks look even bigger. But I was happy to see that this didn’t do that for me because it’s actually not as shimmery once you apply it. Just enough to give you that ‘glow’ it promises. It helps that the glitter in it is really small too. I cringe at blushes with big chunks of glitter in them!


Swatch (natural light)


Swatch (with flash)

One of the things I love most about this blush is how easily you can build its intensity. You can either go very natural and keep it quite sheer so that you get a light flush with a hint of glow, or layer it on gradually like I do for more color with an even more obvious glow. See, it’s not that shimmery once it’s blended out! Even under flash the shimmer is more visible, but it’s still not overkill. That’s actually what Benefit was going for when they created this blush – they wanted to recreate that dewy ‘heat flush’ you get after rocking out a concert.

The blush has a faint scent of rose to it, so you may or may not like that depending on your sensitivity to makeup with fragrance. It’s also one of the most long-lasting blushes I’ve ever tried and can easily stay put even after 6-7 hours minimum. After that, and even with some sweating and oil thrown in there brought on by the heat and humidity, it’s fainter but still visible enough that I don’t really feel the need to retouch it. This is coming from a girl who must have color on her cheeks at all times too! Lastly, it fades evenly and gradually, meaning you don’t end up with splotchy, uneven blush by the end of the day.

– Long lasting.
– Not overly shimmery with minute glitter particles. Shimmer becomes more subtle when blended out.
– Cute, chic packaging.
– Very pigmented, but also easily buildable.
– Easy to blend.

– It’s quite expensive.
– The blush is smaller, in terms of weight, compared to the other Benefit boxed powders with Rockateur coming in at 5 grams whereas the others have 7-8 grams. However, Benefit did state this on their website: “Note: Rockateur has a specialized formula that works by combining the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures to give a brighter, purer color pay off creating 1.6 times the amount of pure color payoff. This results in the usage rate of Rockatuer to be an exact match to our other Box o’ Powders.

Price: PHP1,600.00
Purchased from: Free


64 thoughts on “Review: Benefit Cosmetics “Rockateur”

  1. I love the mirror, definitely handy and have always liked Benefit blush brush that it comes along with in their products. I was very tempted to buy this one when I saw it at Ulta – it looks very lovely! And you’re right, I feel that this is overpriced too :( Most Benefit products in my opinion actually :(


    • This is honestly one of my favorite blushes ever, so for me it’s worth the price tag in the end. But yeah, it’s hardly what you’d call “affordable”, especially for a blush. I can understand other products like foundation being this expensive.

    • I guess a good chunk of the price goes to Benefit’s packaging because they really do have great packaging for their products. Honestly though, I’ll take a product that works great even if it doesn’t come in the prettiest box, or tube, or whatnot!

    • You’re welcome! There’s a reason those gurus are gushing over it – it’s just a really great blush. Haha. Hope you get to try it out yourself soon!

    • The fact that pigmentation is really good also means I won’t need to use up as much product as a regular blush. At least it’ll be a while before I have to buy this again!

  2. Ohmy! This blush looks sooooooo pretty! I love blushes too and it’s definitely one of the most important steps in my makeup routine. I haven’t bought anything from Benefit yet, but I think I’ll be checking this out tomorrow. Love how Rockateur looks somewhat cool-toned under natural lighting, but warm with flash.

    • I’d call this a “camouflage blush” because of the fact the shade seems to change a little depending on the lighting. At least it seems to ‘tone down’ a bit under flash which is a good thing for me so that the blush doesn’t contrast too much with my fair skin which looks even fairer under bright light.

  3. oh nice! i didnt know that it had rose scent :) congrats on winning this, its really pretty and ever since i got the naked 3 rosegold palette ive been wanting to collect more things in rosegold :D

  4. Omg!! This blush has been my favourite for the past 2 months now :) To be honest, I love all their packaging & design. Hands down, they win it by far :) Have you tried Hervana from benefit? That is another favourite of mine. hehe, have you tried their creasless eyeshadow? Can I add you to my blog link? & please do follow me too :)

    • Sorry for the late reply, Hana! Yes, I have tried Hervana and I love it too! “dandelion” is another favorite of mine. I have yet to try their eyeshadows though, but I hope too soon. And of course you may add me :) What’s your link?

  5. can you please recommend a cheaper blush that is just as good quality? I think the packaging is just ok and product is too little for 1,600 thanks!!

  6. Gandaaa! I want to try this too. First heard about it naman kasi Charmaine. It’s just a bit expensive for me for a blush but I think it’s worth it naman. When I’m done with my shopping ban na. :D

    • Super worth it though! Not just for the prettiness, but I’ve had this since October and I’ve been using it quite a lot – still don’t see the bottom of the pan yet! Because it’s quite pigmented you only need a little lang each time :)

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