M·A·C Divine Night and Stroke of Midnight Holiday Collection

Last week I was invited to the launch of M·A·C’s newest collection, Divine Night, and their exclusive holiday collection, Stroke of Midnight. This is one of the year’s most anticipated beauty events so I was definitely excited to go!

The event was held at Whitespace Manila and the entire venue was decked out in retro-inspired glamor. If you want to check out my photo diary of the entire event, just keep scrolling!

Yup, that’s Allison Harvard from America’s Next Top Model! This is my sneaky paparazzi shot of her before I finally asked her for a picture (uploaded on Instagram here).

I had to leave the event early to attend a dinner, so I sadly missed out on the product demo/makeover. Anyway, since I know you’re all curious, here’s a closer look at the full collection for Divine Night:

MAC Divine Night Lipstick (P1,100 each) (L-R) You’ve Got It, Flair for Finery, Exclusive Event, Private Party & Prepare for Pleasure



MAC Cremesheen Glass (P1,265 each) (L-R) You’ve Got It, Flair for Finery, Private Party & Prepare for Pleasure


MAC Divine Night Fluidline (P1,200 each) (L-R) Stares & Speculation, Deliciously Rich & Macroviolet


MAC Divine Night Nail Lacquer (P830 each) Fierce Entrance, Military & Gadabout Girl


MAC Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencil (P1,050 each) (L-R) Orpheus, Raven, Mystery & Feline


MAC False Lashes Mascara in False Black (P1,150)


MAC Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow (P1,375 each) (L-R, top row) Captivating, Exquisite Ego, Gilded Night
(L-R, bottom row) Past Midnight, Until Dawn, Tonight’s Temptation


MAC Divine Night Mineralize Skin Finish (P2,000 each) (L-R) Center of Attention, Perfectly Poised & Scene to be Seen


MAC Divine Night Mineralize Blush (P1,650 each) (L-R) Talk of the Town, Lured to Love & Lavish Living

The Divine Night and Stroke of Midnight holiday collection are already out in all M·A·C boutiques, so be sure to check them out when you can! You can also visit the http://www.maccosmetics.com.ph website. I, personally, can’t wait to get my hands on a few pieces from Divine Night that I’d love to wear for those inevitable, upcoming holiday parties!

Thanks for the invite M·A·C Philippines! Also, kudos for donating 1 million pesos to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan!

PS. If you’d like to find out how to donate as well, check out these websites: WFP.org and Red Cross Philippines


36 thoughts on “M·A·C Divine Night and Stroke of Midnight Holiday Collection

  1. What an exciting event, and what great Mac products on display! I sure would like to have one of those lovely lipsticks!

  2. I love this collection! Unfortunately I miss out on the lipstick I wanted :( :( 'private party' seams to be sold out everywhere. Its great news they have make donations to the victims of the typhoon… well done!
    Big hugs <3

  3. I was excited to hear about this collection but when I got to the store there wasn't anything I could really see me using any. So I pretty much passed on it – I probably will regret that later. Alice was one of my favourites from ANTM!

  4. It's amazing that they've donated towards the victims of the typhoon. As for this collection, it's a so so for me, MAC is a brand I've yet to really explore and as much as I sometimes love bold shades and a bit of shimmer here and there, I'm not really the biggest fan. I do own one palette from them that I really love, just one for now haha. xx Donah GiG

  5. Omg you're so lucky! You got the chance to see Allison, I love her. *o*
    This seems like an awesome collection. I'm eyeing on the Flair for Finery lipstick and their Mineralize eyeshadow. *o*

  6. amazing collection! love the color of Private Party.. I don't know if I like the look of the mineralized eye shadow.. they could have been prettier.. still I know they are going to be awesome quality! There donation is really worthy of appreciation :) <3 giglove

  7. I can only imagine how exciting you were to go and how fun it was being there looking at those incredible MAC stuff. I hope you'll have more of this event and I wish I could attend one in my town too. xxx

  8. These event sounds fantastic!!! Really love the black and gold eye shadow and the burgundy nail polish….so sad u had to leave early, hope the food was good ^^



  9. Wow – I am DYING over that 3rd picture. Love the dresses & the hair. Love. Great shots – What a fun event to be a part of, I'm so jealous. <3 GIGLove

  10. wow!! kudos to MAC for donating 1M! I love MAC products and though it is kind of expensive for me, the products are definitely worth it!

  11. How exciting that you got to attend! The range looks amazing, I've definitely spotted a few things (Ok, more than a few) that I would love to purchase. Curses! :)

  12. ooo ive never been to any launch party of mac before, its so fitting that they did this at night time cause of the name of the collection :) and hfive on being able to take a pic with Allison shes pretty <3

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