I am now a beauty columnist!

Another small break from product reviews and whatnot to update you all on some exciting news… I am officially a columnist in the Fashion & Beauty section in a local newspaper, The Philippine Star!

This is a big deal for me not only because I get to talk about and share experiences with two of my passions, which is of course makeup and skin care, but because the newspaper is big, popular, and read all over the country so I can reach a very large audience every week!


My very first article came out just a couple of days ago actually and I covered the launch of Benefit’s newest products at a private event last week.

I scanned and stitched it together it as best I could and uploaded it onto my Mediafire account here if you want to check it out and have a read yourself. I know some parts may be difficult to read since my scanner can’t accommodate the whole page so there’s an online version here too: http://www.philstar.com/fashion-and-beauty/2013/07/17/977441/beauty-knows-benefit

If you read the newspaper yourself and/or have access to it, I hope you’ll check out my weekly column, ‘Fifty Shades of Red‘, by yours truly!

PS. I’d love for you to contact me about what you think of my articles and for you to share your opinions on the featured topic as well. You can tweet me on Twitter, drop a comment on Instagram, or also comment on any post on my blog’s new Facebook page. For international readers, I’ll provide a link to an online version of my articles as soon as they’re available on both Twitter and Facebook.


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