Sponsored review: [Neo Vision circle lenses] Madonna Gray 13.5mm from Kpop2

I love circle lenses. I feel like they just complete my entire look, no matter where I’m going – whether it’s to a fancy event or just a casual day out with a friend.

I only recently got into wearing them last year and currently have three pairs that I use. One of them, my newest pair, was kindly sponsored by Kpop2.com, a Korea based website that sells over 300 kinds of lenses at very affordable prices. You can shop for lenses by color, brand, size, type or even browse a specific category which features lenses that retail for only $10. Didn’t I say they were affordable? Plus if your order totals over $50, you get free shipping! Also yes, they do ship worldwide.


My package arrived almost two weeks after they confirmed it was shipped out. The contents were in perfect condition thanks to how securely and properly they packaged everything!


They asked me to choose which lenses I wanted so I decided on their Neo VisionMadonna Gray 13.5mm pair. My other two pairs are dark in color, so I wanted something lighter that would also stand out more. I also requested for them to add a grade of 3.00 for both lenses.

Product details:

Product name / Madonna Gray                Overall diameter (DIA ) / 14.0mm
Duration of use / 6 months or more      Graphic diameter / 13.5mm
Manufacturer / NEO                                    Moisture content / 38%
Place of origin / KOREA                             BC / 8.6mm
Frequency range / 0.00 to -9.00            Astigmatic / impossible


My initial surprise with the lenses was actually the color. On the product page (link), it looks entirely different. The ones I received do have an underlying gray color, which is seen best under artificial light, but even so they’re still more blue than gray.


Natural light


Artificial light


With flash

I’m not disappointed by the color at all. I love it actually! It just wasn’t what I expected. What I love most is how the color changes slightly depending on the lighting. I got a lot of compliments wearing this pair too – mostly that the color really suits me because it looks like it could be my natural eye color.


No lens


Close-up detail of lens

In terms of their size, the lens’ diameters aren’t much bigger than my actual irises so they don’t make my eyes look dramatically larger. The only small complaint I have is that from a full-frontal view, you can see the black ‘border’ of the lenses are a little uneven with one being thicker than the other.

Overall though, I’m really pleased with my first pair of bright colored lenses. They’re very comfortable to wear and don’t dry my eyes out as much as my other ones even if the water content is lesser. But in fairness, my eyes tend to become dry really easily so it doesn’t matter what lenses I’m using. I’m also pleased by the number of compliments I got from wearing them so I’m already considering ordering this pair once they’re no longer useable. Of course, thank you Kpop2 for sending these!

– The color. Even if I was expecting and hoping for lenses that were gray, I still love the blue shade.
– Non-irritating and doesn’t dry my eyes right away.
– Comfortable to wear.
– Lens case included.

– Lens’ borders are uneven.

Price: Free
From: Kpop2.com


29 thoughts on “Sponsored review: [Neo Vision circle lenses] Madonna Gray 13.5mm from Kpop2

  1. Wow, these make your eyes look super amazing! o__o Love the colour effect, but I do find it weird that the lens borders are uneven like that.., never seen anything like it!

  2. Circle lenses look so awesome, but I'm afraid to give them a try because my eye is sensitive and I heard it's not too great for your eyes in general. :(

  3. My eye doctor told me it is bad to wear them for everyday wear just as regular lenses… but it depends a lot on the brand new. I might try them just to see!

  4. I think I like your natural eye color better.. :D I myself is a contact wearer but never tried the colored ones..hmmmmm

  5. Circle lenses is one beauty related that I've yet to venture on. I'm not sure what it is that doesn't attract me as much – I think it's the touching my eyeballs bit haha. Did try contact lenses before and was such a pain to take them off LOL. I gotta be honest though, this really suits you and pop your look in a good way. x Much love hun

  6. Great post! These look nice on you. I haven't ventured into colored contacts much, but I always think they look really fun :)

  7. I haven't used any color contacts so far, but my sis is into it! She would be excited to see this post :) BTW, they look lovely on you :))

  8. I don't use lens because I'm more comfortable using my spectacles. As it is I have very high minus power, so I don't quite trust myself with lens. But I love the colour of this. Amazing post and great job on the review! :)

  9. Unfortunately for me, I can't wear circle lenses. I tried a pair before and I can't put them inside 'cause my eyes are really small. >.< I just use the normal colored lenses instead. Loks gorgeous on you, Ari! <3

  10. These are really cool, and I like the color! I have never tried circle lenses before, but I like wearing colored contacts. I am a new follower by the way :) I'm excited to read more from you in the future!


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