Review: Pink Obsession from Fashion 21

As a lipstick fiend, I was excited to see that a new lipstick line was released by Fashion 21. Even better, it was a line consisting of entirely pink shades appropriately titled “Pink Obsession”.

Fashion 21 is a local, Filipino brand that has been selling trendy, affordable, and quality cosmetics since 1985. All of their products, from blushes to face powders to lipsticks, always come in a wide range of both shades and types. Even better, virtually every department store in the country is sure to have a Fashion 21 stall in it!

Honestly, I’ve only ever tried one product from them so far, which is a liquid liner. But I’ve often browsed their stalls and with these new lipsticks, I can confidently say their stuff is definitely budget-friendly and you’ll see that it’s easy to tell that quality hasn’t been sacrificed.

From Fashion 21 (Facebook)

The new Pink Obsession line, which came out a couple of months if I’m not mistaken, has seven shades in total: Hot Diva, Berry Princess, Sexy Lady, Baby Chic, Blushing Teen, Pretty Daisy, and Dream Girl.

The outer packaging is nothing special, made of thin and soft card paper, but very girly and feminine. Look at all that pink! I do like how one end of the box allows you to see the shade of the lipstick first too.

The lipstick is housed in a sleek pink, frosted case. For such an affordable item, it initially looks more expensive than what it’s actually worth. The case is durable too, as I’ve dropped a couple of the lipsticks and no damage to the case or the product inside!

On one side of the tube, the manufacturing date and LOT # is printed. I wish it was printed on the box instead though because on some of the tubes, the ink is somewhat smeared so it makes the tube look dirty.

Sometimes the tube also has what appears to be ink stains on other areas and they can’t be removed. This is the only thing that’s disappointed me about the packaging.

Now for a closer look at these lipsticks! The shade names (below) are respective of or correspond to what’s seen in the tube (above).

Now time for initial swatches!

In order: Hot Diva, Pretty Daisy, Blushing Teen, Dream Girl

In order: Sexy Lady, Berry Princess, Baby Chic

This post is going to be quite long but I since I love all the colors from this line so much, I’ll be doing lip swatches as well. What’s a lipstick post without showing how it looks on lips, right?

Baby Chic

Blushing Teen

Berry Princess

Dream Girl

Sexy Lady

Pretty Daisy

Hot Diva
What I love most about these lipsticks is that they go on so nicely. The formula isn’t drying and almost buttery, and they practically glide on when applying. They kind of remind me of the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters. I still suggest prepping well beforehand though by using a lip scrub and/or balm, especially if you have dry lips like me, or else it might emphasize or cling onto dry patches.

Color wise, save for Baby Chic which is slightly sheer, the rest are quite pigmented and you only need a few swipes or so to get near full opaqueness. Some of the colors are very similar to one another, such as Pretty Daisy and Sexy Lady, and honestly you can choose just one or the other when buying yourself.
My favorite shades from the line are Hot Diva, Blushing Teen, Berry Princess, and Dream Girl. Hot Diva is great if you want a nice bright fuchsia pop to your lips and is perfect for both day and night. The rest are wonderful colors for everyday, especially Dream Girl, which is the only nude-pink shade from the lot. Lastly, and just to point it out, though it’s not highly obvious in the picture, Blushing Teen actually has a gold sheen or shimmer to it which I find absolutely gorgeous.
Wear time is decent. Generally with these lipsticks, the darker the shade, the longer it lasts on your lips. Hot Diva and Berry Princess actually leave a slight tint of color. All the shades can survive a light meal and you’ll only need minimal touch-ups afterwards, but don’t expect them to last if you’re eating a heavier meal, especially one with oily foods as a lot of the color will slide right off.
Yes, I definitely took a bit of a chance by buying the entire line all at once. But excitement to be blamed aside, I really love these lipsticks so I’m glad I did! I hope they keep them around for a long time because I plan to re-purchase as soon as I run out of any of the shades.
  • Affordable at less than PHP200.00 or approximately $4.00
  • Has a smooth and almost buttery formula that isn’t drying on the lips.
  • Colors are quite pigmented already, only a few swipes needed for each to be almost fully opaque.
  • Can survive a light meal and drinks with only minimal touch-ups needed after and throughout the day.
  • Doesn’t bleed or feather, but you can always still use a lip liner and prime your lips first if you prefer.
  • The tube is sturdy and keeps the lipstick safe from damage.

  • Ink stains on some of the tubes can’t be removed and the manufacturing date and LOT # printed on them is smeared.
  • Not really a complaint, but the shade names I find to be a little tacky. Especially “Sexy Lady”!
Price: PHP155.00, Purchased from: Fashion 21 (The Landmark, Makati)

16 thoughts on “Review: Pink Obsession from Fashion 21

  1. im partial to hot diva and berry princess because i adore hot pinks and berry shades. the middle pinks look kinda same though so maybe ill pass up on that.

  2. OMG these are sooo pretty I love pink!!

    Thanks for sharing the swatches are awesome
    pretty colors you picked there :)
    Leslie xoxo

  3. I love it all! I've got my eyes on Dream Girl though! It looks like a great shade for everyday wear. I gotta agree with you though, with the names being tacky & all. Haha! I'm pretty sure they could have done more in that department but at least their lovely shades make up for it! xx


  4. OMG.. ang dami mong binili,, I look at these kaso I feel like they all look the same when I swatched them.. T_T ,its really better to try them out talaga. :)

  5. Hello! I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts.

    It looks like after their 'Red Romance' series of lipsticks (various iterations of red shades) they've moved on to the pinks. These all look lovely. But I do wish that they had a added a peachy pink and a warmer pink. From looking at your pictures they all look seem to be on the cool side except for the 'Dream Girl' shade.

    By the way, I've recently 'resuscitated' my blog. It would be wonderful if we could follow each other (and in Bloglovin too). It would be great to hear your thoughts. :-) My blogsite is

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