The Face Shop: Club 20

I finally joined the club! The Face Shop’s Club 20 that is.

Yes, I got my VIP card just the other day at Robinson’s Galleria which is conveniently located just across from my school.

But one of the best parts is you get lots of free samples! The list of all the product samples are:

  • Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37/PA+++ (Natural Beige)
  • E’thym O2 Water Recharge Essence
  • Natural Sun Power Long-lasting Sun Cream SPF 45 PA+++ [Super Antioxidant Acaiberry]
  • Clean Face Special Gift Set (inside are two small bottles: one Clean Face Mild Toner and one Clean Face Mild Lotion)
  • Real Nature Mask Lemon
I can’t wait to try these out, perhaps after a couple of weeks or so, and hopefully be able post up some quick reviews on all of them!

One thought on “The Face Shop: Club 20

  1. oooo! Review on the BB cream and sun cream! I haven't been buying much at The face shop actually. Probably only twice! Haha! How do you avail the membership card? Do you need to buy products in a minimum cost or do you have to buy the membership card? :P

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